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Gann Hydromette HT 85 T

Triple measuring instrument for wood moisture with measuring range of 4 to 100% m.c., structural moisture and temperature, with digital LCD readout and correction facility for four groups of wood and automatic temperature compensation. Designed for precise measurement of wood (up to 180 mm thick), particleboard, veneer and hardened building materials as well as for monitoring kiln drying timber using any desired number of MC, EMC and temperature in-kiln measuring points.

Important features and technical specifications:

  • Handy quick moisture meter for fast single and series measurements.
  • Size: L180 mm x W115 mm x H53 mm. Weight: 370 g.
  • Direct reading by digital LCD, resolution: 0.1 % m.c. or 0.1 digits resp.
  • Wood species selector for automatic correction of readings, for over 300 species of wood.
  • Automatic compensation of influence of wood temperature between –10 and +90°C.
  • Fast measurement of moisture of hardened building materials using the resistance method.

Precise temperature measurement by Pt 100 probes in 4-conductor technology.

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