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DINASAW sharpener

for WM tooth

The fully automatic band saw sharpener is made to meet your requirements best. Normal sharpeners can only sharpen perpendicular to the blade. The Dinasaw sahrpener can also sharpen with a positive 10 degree angle across the set teeth's tips to enhance cutting and sawdust extraction.

To be more flexible you can plug the machine to your normal power or just use it with a standard Car Batterie anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy screw adjustments
  • 12 volt operation
  • Integral stand
  • High speed grind motor with 6000 rpm
  • Saw blade widths 16 mm - 76 mm
  • Tooth Pitch 8 mm - 32 mm
  • Weight 21 kg
  • Variable feed speed

Machine can be equipped with a Cyclone CBN grinding wheel

The Cyclone CBN grinding wheel cuts faster, cooler and does not need redressing. Specially shaped cutouts emit high velocity air to cool the grinding process

  • High density coating of premium grade amber boron nitride
  • Special cutouts generate a large flow of air to cool the grind
  • Consistant grind shape
  • Minimise burning
  • Long Service life

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